Mark Masters Comedy Corporate Speaking

Business Talks With a Funny Twist

Groups around America agree, a presentation by Mark Masters is a hit! His 20 minute Laugh More talk that weaves the hard science about funny business into an inspiring story about a comic with a dream, has been delivered to Better Business Bureau's, Rotary Clubs, Technology Groups and even a Meetup group for singles. All agree "we wish we had found this earlier in the pandemic". Add in Q&A or a Comedy Show and easily fill 60 minutes for your next retreat or staff morale boost. Content customizable for your group or business! (New talk available May 2021 - Good friend to the Environment - Six lessons about being a good friend to the environment)

Hard Science Funny Business

A talk by Mark Masters is a great way to energize your group, which let's face it, we all could use a little more energy after last year. Tell your boss, tell your dog, tell a feral cat that people like the President of the LWN say "Mark's talk was hilarious and taught us all important lessons about the power of laughter, I felt better afterwards and am so glad I chose Mark to speak to my group."