Mark Masters Comedy Corporate Speaking

Business Talks With a Funny Twist

Groups around America agree, a presentation by Mark Masters is a hit! His Laugh More talk that weaves the hard science about funny business into an inspiring story about a comic with a dream, has been delivered to corporate executives, Better Business Bureau's, Rotary Clubs, and even a Meetup group for singles. All agree "we wish we had found this earlier." Add modules to your next retreat or staff morale boost for hours of edutainment. Content customizable!

Hard Science Funny Business

A talk by Mark Masters is a great way to energize your group. Tell your boss, tell your dog, tell a feral cat that people like the President of the LWN say "Mark's talk was hilarious and taught us all important lessons about the power of laughter, I felt better afterwards and am so glad I chose Mark to speak to my group." Or what another corporate client said "Mark was great! He joined our team early (9:00am our time. 7:00am his time) and brought the energy we needed. He clearly took the time to tailor jokes to topics relevant for our industry (digital marketing) and our team's age group. If you have an opportunity to hire Mark, I highly recommend it. He considers your audience, protocols, and obviously, he's funny."

(New talk available May 2021 - Good friend to the Environment - Six lessons about being a good friend to the environment)

Sessions up to two hours in length with joke writing, stand-up comedy, team building exercises and an inspirational talk with signed copies of books for attendees have been delivered to great acclaim.

References available, including video testimonials.