Mark Masters Corporate Speaking Reference

Mark Masters recently presented to the 1 Million Cups community in Colorado Springs, Co and did a tremendous job. I have been involved in the community for 2 years and a primary leader for 1 year. Mark’s presentation is easily in the the top five of over one hundred presentations I have ever witnessed. 

Incredibly engaging, transparent and of course funny, he kept people on the edge of their seats. From start to finish people sat mesmerized by his honesty and ability to make light of his ups and downs. Do you and your organization a favor, allow Mark Masters to present and give your community a treat. Colorado Springs has one of the largest 1 Million Cups gatherings in the nation, averaging 90 people a week and we couldn’t be more thrilled to recommend a presenter to the larger community.

Frank Sinclair
Lead Organizer, 1 Million Cups, Colorado Springs, Colorado

June 19, 2019